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Directions to the fields

These directions are coming from the Harrisburg Area.
If you need directions from another area, please e-mail valleyvipers@hotmail.com

Heisey’s Dinner: 81 South or Route 22, until you get to the Lebanon exit. If coming from 81: You will get off the exit ramp and come to a stop sign. Left at the stop sign. Next a set of red lights. Right at the lights. You are now on Route 72 South. Continue on 72, oh for a good long while. You will pass by the State Police on the left. About 1.5 miles you will come to another red light. Continued… Start here if from 22: (Only one way to go off the exit ramp, to the right) There is a Turkey Hill Minute Mart to the right and a Hutter’s gas station to the left. Go THROUGH this red light….continue on 72. About 2-4 miles you will come to the Lebanon Valley Honda shop to your right….keep going. Adam’s car sales will be the next land mark, which is to your right. Keep going. You will start to go up a grade, Hilbert’s Restaurant to your left. You will start to go down the grade and back up a slight one. About .5 mile from Hilbert’s, on the left is Heisey’s Diner. DO NOT park in the parking lot of the Diner!!! These are the directions I received….and I will quote because this is not coming from me…”You will see two portable toilets sitting at rear of field. All parking for ball games should be behind the portable toilets, behind the field.”

Richland Legion: Straight down 422 towards Myerstown. Straight through the red lights where 422 and 501 cross. You will go to the next red light (about 3-4 miles) and turn right. Stay on this road. You will go up a grade, around a turn to the left and then you will see the Richland Quarry to the left. Keep going until you reach the town of Richland. You will know it because it is open field and all of a sudden there are houses. About 3 miles if that. Now there are a few ways from here. Before the sharp left turn (it is marked with a guide rail and little yellow pointing arrows), there is an old Service station. You can turn down that road at the service station and you will see the field. You can also go around the turn and before you cross the railroad tracks, make a left, and another left down the first alley. There is the field. Just keep turning left before the railroad tracks and you will hit it.

Cedar Crest: (Varsity and JV are back to back fields): Many, many ways. Either in 72 or 322 or even 422 or wow the turnpike. But when you get to the school…. If coming 322. Make a left at the traffic lights at the Quentin Riding Club. 72 N, go the the Lebanon Fair Grounds. Right at the light for the Fairgrounds. This is Evergreen Road. Up a grade, over the bridge. You can see the two fields as you go around a sloping right turn in the road. The fields will be to the left. BUT! You have to go to the school. There are two entrances. Take the second one near the sign board/marquee. Take the left, enter the school. Stay on the road. It will split at the end of the stadium. Keep going to the left. Go through the two stop signs to the parking lot in the back. Down the hill, over the track. Softball fields! To the right, varsity (with dugouts). Left JV.

Bob Hoffman York Complex: Route 83 S towards York. Take the Mt. Rose exit. At the red light, make a right. Go through three traffic lights. At the third, make a left. There is a little hogie-sandwich shop to your left. The intersection is shaped as a Y with an extra left leg. Take the veering left in the Y, not the hard left. Two stop signs. At the second, make a left. Continue on that road. You will come to another stop sign. Left and you are in the parking lot of the complex.