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  We want to start a feedback/forum/discussion about all
  the topics covering girl's softball.

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  Please email us if you have a great idea or story you would like to share.   We can get a lot of insite from other's.

Here is an example of the type of topics we would like to discuss.

When are players too young to play?

This question has come in a heated battle. Some parents/people say as soon as they can run or swing a bat. Others will disagree and say when the child is ready to play, more likely when they want to play.

It can be a frustrating decision, especially if you think your child is not ready and they are pleading their case better than an attorney. There are many things to take into consideration. Probably one of the most important things to remember, each child is individual. Just because an older sibling or you participated at a certain age, does not mean your child can do the same. You must take into consideration motor functions, wanting to play, as well as any other special needs the child may need.

Don't compare your child to another sibling or even to children other than your own. Don't compare in the sense that Jane next door is the same age and can do this, so why can't my child? Also allow your child to pick the sport she/he wants to play. Again, don't compare them to you or another sibling or even Jane next door. Make suggestions, have them try different sports, but do not force them to play because you did or look how good your child's older sister/brother was at a certain sport or activity.

Children will always change their minds about playing. It is another tough decision to know when to allow them to stop participating. Many parents/people have the never quit die-hard outlook. Others say allow the child to stop when they no longer wish to participate. One option if you are having a hard time deciding is to make sure to have something set with your child before they begin. You can take the die-hard approach and the allow them to stop approach. Before they start an activity, make an agreement that they will continue until the season or lesson time is over. If they do not like what they are doing, they can stop after the season is completed. It may instill the idea of "stick with it until it is over" or the "at least you tried it and found you don't like it" idea and continue on to something they do enjoy. Set a standard at the beginning and at the end you can continue with your next decision about participation in that activity.