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Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parents Association

College Information

Information regarding how to apply for college, financial aid sources, scholarships, the clearinghouse, and other helpful college information will be posted here.

College is a major decision in your life. There are many things to take into consideration when looking at colleges and universities. Here are some tips to help you figure out which school and what kind of softball program would best fit your style and personality.

1. How big of a college/university
2. How far away would you like to travel
3. What major are you considering
4. Does that major allow for sports participation
5. Are the coaches and professors flexible with practice, games, and studies
6. What is the cost
7. What scholarships and/or loans are available
8. Is there a work study program to fit your schedule
9. Would you be able to study, participate in sports, and do well in both
10. Do you want a serious team or a more relaxing team to play for
11. Can you get up at 5 am to practice? (some teams do!)

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