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Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parents Association

Privacy Statement

Welcome to the Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parent's Association Web site.
This Privacy Statement explains how we collect and use information from our Web site visitors, meetings, and request/information forms. The Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parent's Association only collects information on a voluntary basis.

The personal information the Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parent's Association collects is used exclusively for communications purposes.
These communication purposes include:

(1). Information to maintain a postal and electronic mailing list for all the parents and associates involved. This list is used to contact the members to make them aware of updates to the web site, meeting times and dates, fundraising, and other information pertaining to the Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parent's Association.

(2). Information regarding the players; their statistics and personal information for use to complete forms to aid in college recruiting - both academic and athletic.

(3). Any information obtained through postal or electronic mail, whether it be a new member joining, a question regarding a member, player, associate, or web site is kept strictly confidential between whom the question/information/suggestion is sent to and its sender. No information is sent to third parties that may obtain postal mailing lists, electronic mailing lists, or personal information unless it is explicitly requested by that party to be shared with a party outside of the Cedar Crest Girls Softball Parent's Association. This includes, but is not limited to, information collected about the players to share with potential college recruiters. Information must be requested directly and will be responded directly by that party.

(4). Information is not and will never be used for internal marketing or demographic purposes.

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